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An image of poet Fiona Hutchings performing in black and white.
An image of the front cover of Uncommon Labels by Fiona Hutchings against a lavender background.

A woman of many labels

Hey, Fiona. Describe your work in five words:

  • Obnoxiously Northern

  • Unapologetically honest

  • Narrative

What can we expect from your upcoming collection?

Poems about different parts of my life and experiences. I don’t pull my punches, but I do try to find the humour too.  Life is short and none of us are getting out alive, after all! 


Oh, and a lot of song references.


Who do you write for?


Myself, firstly, to try and make sense of my life - and for others who might identify with these feelings too.

What do you have on your chips?

Gravy - with a lot of Hendo's!

Uncommon Labels is out in February

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