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Deeply honest and exquisite: an exploration of every angle of love, even in its rarest form.

- Nicole Ting, poet and storyteller


Love is universal, complex and comes in many forms — it is passion and fury, anxiety and insecurity, calmness and serenity; it can chew you up, spit you out and leave you for dead or it can consume you whole, savouring everything and leaving nothing.


In this incredible collection of poetry, Caitlin McKenna explores the many faces of love, drawing on different relationships and the experiences inherently attached to them. Weaving a beautiful tapestry from the mundanity of shared existence, they pick apart the confusing threads of what it means to love and how we, as human beings, connect with the chaos of that emotion.


Caitlin McKenna's debut collection is a brilliant entry into the poetry world from an exciting new voice on the queer poetry scene.


The Bent Key Queer Poets Collective exists to amplify and celebrate queer voices. The experiences lived by the queer community and presented in these collections are valid and essential but are all-too-often hidden or ignored; until we see equality in society for all marginalised queer people, we remain dedicated to raising awareness and acceptance through art.

Now Say It Back: Caitlin McKenna

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    48 pages

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