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"I have made wail, an empath witch"


In this excellent debut collection of poetry, Jen Corcoran explores the many roles she has acquired, received and also been expected tofulfil in her lifetime. From mother to lover, dutiful child to opinionated witch, she has worn and lived these titles with aplomb and now comes out the other side with Witch / Mother / Child / Lover: her siren call to all women to simply be their authentic, real selves; to love, and to allow love; to embrace the radical nature of femininity and, ultimately, to rise together to rage against societal machines.


Witch / Mother / Child / Lover is a timely, captivating exploration of what it means to be a woman, encompassing all the complexities embedded in identity. Sensuality is woven through Jen’s work and her tender portrayal of motherhood sits perfectly alongside astute political poetry. Jen is a master of the craft - rhythm and rhyme interact effortlessly with her deft use of the poetic form. Jen’s warmth, wit and wisdom are present on each page of this beautiful collection.


- Ellen Clayton, author of Home Baked

Witch / Mother / Child / Lover: Jen Corcoran

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