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Fragmented light, life-saving disability, joy and madness

Hey, Reanna. Describe your work in five words:

  • Elegantly blunt

  • Messy

  • Occasionally funny

What can we expect from your upcoming collection?

A journey from familial struggles to giving birth to oneself, with a healthy dose of life-saving disability, joy and madness.

It's definitely the innermost narrative of my life to date... Go on, be nosy!


Who do you write for?


Anyone who's had a rough time with family / love / society / general existence. We need camaraderie bitches, especially my fellow queers, neurospicies and cripples.

What do you have on your chips?

BBQ sauce, garlic mayo, chilli sauce, ketchup... At least four things at any one time - I'm a condiment queen.

Mad Again is out in May

previous works

fragmented light.jpg

Fragmented Light

Self-published, 2023

Written in collaboration with Carolyn Reed - Reanna's grandmother

Written across the span of 50 years, these poems passed between a grandmother and grandchild are twined together, becoming an enlightening conversation on family, love and loss.

'A meditation on escaping a marriage, on escaping womanhood, on being guided through life by the sea and the forest. Salty water might not be pleasant in tea, but it

makes for a good place to swim.'

- Loulou, Author, Pink Goo

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