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Do you want love, or a love story?

Hey, Snehal. Describe your work in five words:

  • Vivid

  • Poignant

  • Relatable

  • Engaging

  • Powerful 

What can we expect from your upcoming collection?

(An) insight into the many facets of love and everything in between..!


Who do you write for?


My writing captures everyday moments and experiences, so anyone can read it.

What do you have on your chips?

Chaat Masala!

In Between Love is out in April


previous works


I Am: A Collection of Poetry

Released with Bookleaf Publishing, Oct 2023

'I am' is a collection of poems that reflects the poet's sense of self as she perceives her reality through the various roles she plays within the constraints of her personal circumstances. The poems are at once heartbreaking and heartwarming. However most of all they evoke a sense of hope, leaving the reader optimistic about a better tomorrow.

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