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                            An anthology of Northern Poetry

By Northern poets, celebrating Northern pride

Ey Up is an annual collection of poetry by poets from North of the Watford gap. Celebrating

Northern culture, from the beautiful scenery to the excellent ales, all via music, art and food -

this is the perfect collection of voices from across the North.  A stunning collection.

The inaugural Ey Up anthology features words from:

Megan Brown / James Jackson / Bethany Clayton / Rubena Mangera / Walton Bamberough / 

Helen Jeffery / Catherine Bell / Bob Pallister / Sophia Murray / Stuart Beveridge / Dorian North / 

Loll Perkin / R.S. Green / Lisa O'Hare / Romina Ramos / Cooper Howard / Simon Maddrell / 

Candi Martin / Sarah Drury / Marcus Christopherson / Hannah Green / Emma-Jane Barlow / 

Rebecca Kenny / Isabelle Byrne / Bryan Dunne / Angela Cheveau / Katharine Perry / Angela

Marshall / Jonny Lindsey / Emma Conally-Barklem / Jennifer Corcoran / Rebecca Green / Faye

Marshall / Caitlin Kendall / Charlie Parker / G.P. Hyde / Tom Stocks / Matt Concannon / Joe Kenny

Image of Ey Up cover
Ey Up
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