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We package all of our books ourselves when they are ordered from the Written Off website.

All of our books are sent using Royal Mail services. Our flat rate delivery charges cover the cost of postage plus materials for packing and labelling. 

Shipping Outside of the UK

We are able to ship worldwide. Royal Mail cover all customs fees for deliveries outside of the UK; this means you should not be charged any extra fees for taking delivery of our product (the exception is if this is a bulk order of over £150.00). If you find yourself charged with customs fees, please contact us immediately for a refund. We will require proof of charges made for our accounts.

We are currently exploring alternative avenues to make shipping costs for our customers outside the UK more accessible; if you have any suggestions of low-cost shipping please do send them our way.

Depending on where you are in the world, shipping times vary. We always choose the cheapest option as we understand this is the most accessible.  Average time frames are below:

EU: Within one week

USA: Seven to ten working days

Rest of the world: One to four weeks

Can I buy from Amazon?

We don't stock our books on Amazon as their fees for hosting our collections (due to our use of an independent printer) are so prohibitively expensive that we would be operating near a loss. This isn't viable if we want to pay our artists. We also fundamentally disagree with Amazon's business model, which does not adhere to our own, and so have made a decision to forego using them at this time.

If you'd like to purchase from an online platform other than our own, you can find our stock on the following platforms:

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Browns Books Logo
Book Depository Logo
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