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You hold in your hands a spellbook. Actual magic.


To many writers and readers, poetry is a magical event. The weaving-together of words to create the most beautiful and striking of images and ideas is akin to the composition of an intricate spell; a poet’s wand is her pen and with it, she will create something truly special, often out of nothing but lived experience. This book is proof of the magic that exists in this world, often found in the most mundane of places. Love, sex, self-worth, and a deep appreciation of one’s surroundings are all explored here, examining existence through an intimate and deeply personal lens. After all, it is in the most usual of places we find the most awe-inspiring of details.


In this unique debut collection, Manchester poet Alice Godliman explores those intrinsic links that exist between words and magic, creating not only a collection of bewitching poetry, but also a transformative and beautiful handbook for anybody in need of a little magical guidance.


The Book of (seeing past the) Shadows: Alice Godliman

  • ISBN


  • Pages

    44 pages

  • Cover

    Softback, matte

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