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An incredible talent

- Romina Ramos, poet and co-Founder of Natter


In this first collection of poems, Scarlett Ellson pulls on her own experiences to craft a set of poetry that effortlessly presents the joy of existence juxtaposed with the pain of self-reflection and acceptance. It is an adventure of truth, self-love and a reclamation of power, pulling apart societal expectations and re-stitching them into something radical — it is love, loss, passion and connection; it is anger, joy, bereavement and gratitude. Innovative and ambitious, this is poetry with bite.


Scarlett Ellson's debut collection is an honest and visceral piece of work that will leave you stunned.


The Bent Key Queer Poets Collective exists to amplify and celebrate queer voices. The experiences lived by the queer community and presented in these collections are valid and essential but are all-too-often hidden or ignored; until we see equality in society for all marginalised queer people, we remain dedicated to raising awareness and acceptance through art.

Beams of Light: Scarlett Ellson

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    56 pages

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