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Rebecca's poetry is a powerful insight into a world tipped upside down. This collection deals with shock, pain, love, friendship, loss, gratitude, frustration and resilience in a searingly relatable way. Low ebbs and glimmers of love flicker throughout this book - which you will want to read again and again.

Lisa O'Hare, author of Lockdown Life: A Rollercoaster of Emotions


At 7.21am on October 1st 2021, Rebecca Kenny was driving to work when she lost control of her car. Skidding on oil and into the path of an oncoming vehicle, she was directly hit, breaking her back, neck, pelvis and sternum - a grand and somewhat impressive total of eleven bones. Following a week in a Major Trauma Centre and extensive physiotherapy, she was able to return home to recover. It was here she decided to document her journey.


Crash & Learn is a collection of poetry written between October 1st and New Year's Day 2022, as Rebecca recovered from her injuries and learned to live with the massive changes the accident had made to her life. It explores the complex process of recovery, both physical and mental, and how a person learns to adjust to a new normal following a traumatic and life-changing event.

Crash & Learn: Rebecca Kenny

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