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Beautifully written poems of humour and humanity. The exquisite timing, restraint and balance of Shadow Puppets sees the birth of a unique voice. A deft insight, full of heart.

  • O. J. Lomax, poet



In this short collection of poignant poetry, Bolton artist Emily Cooke explores her own connection to the environment she grew up in – digging into the literal roots of the earth, retelling bittersweet memories with treasured family members and drawing on her interactions with both nature and the people she has met along the way. Focusing on the beauty and challenge that exists in life, this chapbook will warm your soul and nourish your emotions, leaving you wanting to dive into your own history.



For a first collection Shadow Puppets is both timely and apposite. Many will relate to its themes. From a writer’s viewpoint it is fresh, lively and unsentimental. I look forward to Emily Cooke’s next collection. 

  • Dave Morgan, poet

Shadow Puppets: Emily Cooke

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