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Ey up – it’s only bloody here! We are proud as punch to finally give you the cover to our hotly-anticipated second edition of Ey Up – and this time, it’s not just poetry!

Ey Up Again is an anthology of Northern writing. Containing poetry and prose from 65 (!) writers either living in, hailing from, or adopted by the North of England, it is an absolute must-read for anyone hankering for a bit of Northern soul. It’s a whopper, too, at 144 glorious, gravy-soaked pages (not literally. That would be gross).

Within its pages, you’ll see pieces from writers both experienced and new; we don’t judge on prior achievements here at Bent Key. Instead, we chose pieces with true heart and soul – pieces that explore the North and its nuances on a range of different levels and from a variety of different viewpoints. They’re presented with passion, and that shines through every single word.

It’s witty, it’s poignant, it’s clever – and it’s all proper Northern.

We only have 100 copies available for pre-order, so be quick – you won’t want to miss this one.


Ey Up Again: An Anthology of Northern Writing

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