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Tom Stocks regards himself as a "pub poet”, possessing the ability to walk into any pub with any poem and make everyday people appreciate his words. In this debut collection he writes earnestly and honestly about everything that makes him tick, from childhood memories to worries about weight.


If you are here for beautiful and eloquent soliloquies, this book is not for you. In fact, artsy-fartsy lingo is strictly prohibited - you will not require a dictionary to understand these words. You definitely don’t need a deep love for literature to interpret the stories in these pages - you don’t even need to like poetry.


This collection is for the writers like Tom - those predicted a grand total of zero GCSEs; those who finished school with average grades but won't let that define their life; those with a story to tell.


If you have a story inside you, then take this book as your push to do it - don’t let your past define your future.


Tom's poetry is down-to-Earth and relatable. Poetry for people who think poetry isn't for them. Poetry to make you laugh. Poetry for everyone.

Carla Mellor, author of Scraps

Lovely Chubbly: Tom Stocks

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    76 pages

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