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"Too much talent to comprehend... A joy"

- Ilaria Passeri, storyteller


Exploring the nature of love, human connection and a deep appreciation of family within the frame of understanding and, ultimately, accepting the self, Perfect Mess is Manchester poet Rebecca Phythian's story of who she really is. From lovingly-served plates of hot, buttered toast to tantalising kisses laced with the taste of a Tequila Sunrise, this brilliant debut collection of poetry wanders through life with a smile, sampling all it has to offer and embracing everything it meets along the way.


This is a collection not for flawless princesses or noble knights, but rather those of us who are a little bit rough around the edges – having lived and loved and then survived to tell the tale – because there really is nothing more beautiful in this world than a mess.


Some might even say it’s perfect.

Perfect Mess: Rebecca Phythian

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    84 pages

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