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"Ilaria Passeri has a happy knack for finding the bizarre in the mundane and weaving it into funny and touching stories. Her voice is original and engaging."

-Micheál Jacob, script consultant and former BBC TV Comedy Executive

Ilaria Passeri has had a very… interesting life. The product of a bold Scottish mother and an errant Italian father who she refers to as ‘definitely a psychopath’, with a little sister who, at five, already possessed the vocabulary of a truck driver, she has found herself in more than a few scrapes, situations and silly scenes – often including animals (alive, dead or on a terrible shirt), ice cream and a deep fear of ending up in prison. In this collection of hilarious short stories, our protagonist details some of the most absurd moments of her life so far – bringing in her family, friends, a wide range of pets, and one very peculiar clown, to both entertain and flummox us in equal measure.

Join her on a whistle-stop tour through the confusing comedy of errors that is her existence and along the way, learn a little bit more about Lady Ilaria – Manchester’s finest storyteller.

Tales of a Confused Life: Ilaria Passeri

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