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A brilliant, inspirational new voice

- Rebecca Kenny, Founder of Bent Key Publishing


Echoing the classic quatrains of the Romantics, Eddie Jones takes the chaos of growing, shifting and changing, crushes it into a ball and moulds it into something beautiful. Drawing on life, love, connections and existence on the margins of society, these pages show the experience of growth and finding one's true self — a love letter to every trans person who has yet to find their way through life.


Eddie Jones' stunningly open debut collection is a must-buy.


The Bent Key Queer Poets Collective exists to amplify and celebrate queer voices. The experiences lived by the queer community and presented in these collections are valid and essential but are all-too-often hidden or ignored; until we see equality in society for all marginalised queer people, we remain dedicated to raising awareness and acceptance through art.

The Dead and I: Eddie Jones

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    48 pages

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