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“For some, this collection will be a hand reaching out; for others, it will offer new eyes to see others. A book of honesty, compassion and connection.”

-        Robin Ince, Writer and Broadcaster


Fiona Hutchings has been given many labels in her life – some welcomed, some reluctantly accepted, others thrust upon her. In a world of health scares, near-death experiences, hospital stays and parenting, Uncommon Labels is a look at how society tries to make sense of chaos through labels, titles and names, and how these can affect a person’s view of their own existence.


Written in the aftermath of their own complicated diagnoses, this is a deeply personal collection of poetry that is both introspective and witty, demonstrating Fiona’s defiant nature and resilience whilst also showcasing her admirable and radical vulnerability.

Uncommon Labels: Fiona Hutchings

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    64 pages

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